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Our Mission 

Our goal is to give your child the quality care that they deserve to reach their maximum potential, employing specialized techniques that are both fun and exciting, and intentional and goal-oriented. Occupational therapists are parents’ detective eyes. We are a pediatric multidisciplinary practice, specializing in sensory integration. In our work, we focus on what your child can do, not what they cannot do, because children succeed when they know they can. Our approach is well-rounded, collaborating with healthcare professionals, schools, caregivers and families, in building a tailored program, fit for each child’s needs.


We are committed to excellence in all aspects of your child's development. With therapists who are exceptionally trained, skilled, and certified, we provide the best care possible to all our families. The environment is trustworthy and nurturing, so that each child can awaken their own success. With this approach, and a robust team of specialists, children are empowered to foster independence, development, and self-assurance ...while having fun along the way!

Occupational therapy, at its core, gives an individual the ability to master skills required in daily life. This is achieved through the use of purposeful and creative activities to achieve functional outcomes. These activities not only help a child build these necessary skills, but also give them confidence in day to day situations. The goal of an occupational therapist is to guide their client in overcoming obstacles that may limit them from being productive, participating in a community, and socializing with peers. The performance areas of a child are self care, play, and school. Occupational therapists provide a supportive, mindful and joyful environment to allow the child to grow and learn. In our center, we pride ourselves in delivering the power of possibility!

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Happy Clients

Happy Clients

Dana-Lee and her team has been working with my child for a year and a half, we think they is an amazing therapists. They work so well with our son who has major sensory issues, they really understands him and his issues. Since my son started working with Dana-Lee, we have seen so many positive changes in him. They are  all loving, knowledgeable and adds so much to my son’s team of therapists. They were always  responsive and hardworking. Its a true learning experience to listen to their session. Dana-Lee and the staff  love working with kids. I would highly recommend Dana-Lee to anyone who is looking for an OT for their child." – 

— Parent of 10 year old

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401 East 86th Street
Suite #1B
New York, NY 10028

By Subway:
4,5,6 to 86th St Station
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M86 to 1st avenue
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Hours of operation

Monday – Friday:  9AM – 7PM, 

Saturday:  8AM – 2PM

Sunday:  8AM – 3PM // Tel: 212-722-PLAY

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