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We assess children to determine their strengths and limitations.

We make learning fun. We help a child build the skills and habits for success. Through therapy we aim to optimize a child’s independence and ability to successfully complete a purposeful activity in the following areas:

• Gross Motor skills
• Fine Motor skills
• Strength and Endurance
• Grapho Motor Remediation
• Cognitive Retraining
• Cognitive Play and Playground skills

• Sensory Integration and Processing

• Regulation and Modulation skills

• Activities of Daily Living Assistance

• Visual Motor Integration

•  Visual Processing
• Perceptual Motor skills
• Motor Planning skill
• Social skills
• Memory skills
• Attentional skills
• Healthy Self-esteem
• Appropriate Play and Interactive skills
• Spatial Awareness

In addition to being predominately a center-based facility, we also provide school based consultations, assessments, and treatment to private, public and charter schools in the NYC area for teachers and students. To enhance occupational therapy for a child who is receiving center-based treatment in a sensory gym, we provide home-based services as well.

Occupational Therapists are parents detectives eyes

School-Based Services:

Provide specialized support for teachers and students. In conjunction with the teachers we help to determine appropriate various classroom therapeutic recommendations and or modifications for the school age child.

Center-Based Services:

Provide evaluations, assessments, ongoing treatment, sensory diets,

and on going parent/caregiver education.

Home-Based Services:

Provide home adaptions suggestions such as implementing strategies for the home. We provide families with sensory diets, toy selection, seating, lighting,

and parent education to overcome daily challenges. We help to bolster their child's development.

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