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Our son was four years old when he was diagnosed with sensory-motor issues. It was suggested to us that he see an OT, and Dana was recommended to us. For the next six years, she worked with him on a regular basis, helping him cope with both the physical and emotional aspects of his condition. He is now a high-achieving, popular middle school student, preparing to attend high school next fall. Her work with him has been crucial to his development. We greatly value Dana's experience, intelligence and sensitivity. Her availability for parents--her readiness to listen to our concerns, share her insights, and make sure that we are all on the same page--is also remarkable. We would recommend her without hesitation to any parent looking for a very good pediatric OT.

— Parent of 13 year old boy

When we were told by our son’s school that he needed support from an OT, our lives turned upside down.  We met with a myriad of OT’s and were told various different things that we didn’t quite understand. When we finally met Dana – something instantly clicked.  She told us to trust her – and something in our heart told us to. Ever since, we haven’t looked back. We have had the pleasure of knowing Dana and her practice for the last several years and feel blessed to have found her.  Dana is honest and generous with her time and energy. We will never be able to thank her enough -- she has changed our son’s life as well as ours forever. Our son is a changed little man that has now surpassed his schools as well as our own expectations.  To put things in to perspective, our son’s grandparents shed tears of joy when they saw how much this little boy had excelled. Again, we cannot thank you enough Miss Dana ☺

— Parent of 5 year old boy


I would recommend Dana and her to team to any parent I know. I loved how she interacted and talked to my daughter and her calm way of communicating brought out the best in my child. Equally important, her ability to explain things to me as a parent and to inform me of my childs progress and struggles made a complicated situation seem that much easier. In a stressful time, Dana and her team were a great support system, caregiver and educator for my whole family. 

— Parent of 9 year old girl

"I have been amazed by our experience working with Dana and Andrea. Not only has our son made significant progress in a few short months, which has been so rewarding to see, but it's been such an enlightening process. i feel I know my son even better thanks to the outstanding job Dana  and Andrea both do at explaining their work, his challenges, and how it all translates at home, school, and generally in day-to-day life. I truly can't recommend them enough
— Parent of 3 year old boy

Dana has had a transformative effect on our daughter’s development. She is now much more confident and comfortable in her own body as a result of the work that Dana and her team have done with her. It has given her the strength to try new things at the park such as the monkey bars, which she never would’ve tried before. She also asked for (and received) a hola hoop for her birthday. Now she twirls all day! The decision to join Dana’s practice was one of the best decisions we’ve made in the past 6 years.  

— Parent of 6 year old girl

“Our daughter has benefitted greatly from the personalized care and attention of Dana Wechsler’s practice for several years.   She has worked with Dana, as well as a number of other therapists—each of whom has been devoted to helping her advance and has championed her cause in different ways.  Our daughter has loved each and every one of her therapists and she is always ready to try new challenges with them.   We are extraordinarily grateful for the team’s professionalism, advice, patience and creativity.   Dana and her colleagues bring their best game to the office each week for our child.”
— Parent of 11 year old girl

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