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Additional Services

Specialized Treatment

We provide specialized support for teachers and students. In conjunction with the teachers we help to determine appropriate various classroom therapeutic recommendations and or modifications for the school age child. 

In addition to the traditional occupational therapy models, we are further trained in :

• Sensory Integration (SI)
• Neuro Developmental Treatment (NDT)
• Hand Writing Without Tears ( HWT)
• Therapeutic Listening Program
• Feldenkrais
• Brain Gym

• Astronaut Training

• The Print Tool

• Alert Program

• Bal-A-Vis-X (Adaptive and Academic         Application)

• Environmental Modification

• Kenesio Taping

• Nutritional Resources and

  Supplemental Recommendations

Look beyond the diagnosis

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy provides evaluation and treatment to children with a wide variety of diagnoses including orthopedic, neurologic, rheumatic, developmental, and congenital disorders. Pediatric physical therapists are specialized in the treatment and management of infants, children, and adolescents. Therapy addresses specific impairments and functional limitations including strength, flexibility, proprioception, balance and coordination, as well as conditioning and endurance. The following are some of the skills addressed:

• Gross Motor skills

• Strength and Flexibility

• Endurance and Conditioning

• Balance and Coordination

• Motor Planning

• Spatial Awareness

• Proprioception

• Play skills

Movement is crucial for brain development 

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is an individualized or group treatment of speech, language and social communication services for infants, children, and young adults. A speech disorder is related to the way a child physically produces speech sounds. A language disorder refers to having difficulties understanding or putting words together in order to communicate with others. Speech may focus on the following areas: 

• Apraxia of Speech

• Articulation

• Auditory Processing

• Feeding Issues

• Motor Planning

• Oral Motor

• Receptive Language

• Sensory Integrative issues as they relate       to Speech and Language.

There needs to be a lot more emphasis on what a child can do instead of what they can not do

Autism Therapy
Special Education

With the New York City school system increasing its demands on our children, Dana-Lee's pediatric rehabilitation center now provides after school tutoring for children K-12. This program provides parents with the appropriate support to help their child reach their potential or excel in the academic world. We provide your child with a one on one instruction and a comprehensive approach that will enable your child to have stronger academic skills needed for math, reading, and writing. Your child will find learning in school fun with the skills they have mastered. 

Sleep Training

Sleep therapy treats problems and teaches independent sleeping, implementing healthy routines and sleeping habits. The method for each child is carefully calculated taking all parameters into consideration including development, cognitive ability and parenting style. The adult programs consist of lifestyle changes, sleep hygiene and careful monitoring of sleep patterns. Following the intake treatment involves meditation and psychotherapy that alleviates the symptoms of anxiety, PTSD or daily stressors that may overwhelm normal cognitive and neurological coping mechanisms.

Specialized Treatment
Physical Therapy
Speech Therapy
Special Education
Baby Sleeping
Sleep Training

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